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Principal Companies

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Principal Companies


APV , a SPX brand supplies the food, dairy, beverage, healthcare, chemical, power, marine, biotechnical and petrochemical industries with innovative products, process solutions and support services.

product range

  • Plate Heat Exchanger (Paraflow, Duo Safety, Semi Welded)
  • Brazed Heat Exchanger( Para Brazed)
  • Fully Welded Heat Exchanger (Hybrid)
  • Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger (Parashell)

Brown Fintube(France)

Founded in the early 1900's, Brown Fintube provides superior products and services in the fields of cooling systems, heat exchange, chimney and air pollution control.

product range

  • Finned Tubes
  • Tank Heaters
  • Line & Suction Heaters
  • Hairpin Heat Exchangers

BIS Gerber GmbH (Germany)

BIS  Gerber  GmbH  is  a  specialist  in  customised  noise  control  and  air  intake  systems.  By  offering efficient noise control solutions incorporating the latest technology.

product range

  • Intake Filter
  • Intake Silencer
  • Noise Enclosure Ventilation System
  • Duct System Exhaust Silencer
  • Stack

Bono Energia(Italy)

Bono Energia is the manufacturer of industrial boilers and thermal fluid heaters.

product range

  • Heaters
  • Boilers


Al leading company competent in water and waste water system

product range

  • Deaerators
  • Condensate Polishing Units Demineralistion  Systems
  • Cooling Water Filters
  •  Produced & Injection Water Treatment Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Sewage Treatment Packages Drinking Water Systems


A leading international manufacturer of process valves, with 60 years of experience in oil/gas and petrochemical industries. A FLOW CONTROL expert that helps to continuously raise performance through focused comprehensive solutions with proven brands like  ORBIT,and General Valves.

product range

  • Orbit Rising Stem Ball Valve
  • DBB Valves from GENERAL Valves


The company offers a range of innovative eddy current testing instruments and probes.

product range

  • Eddy Current Inspection Equipment


Established in the 1950’s EMCO Wheaton is one among the few world leaders equipped in designing and manufacture of loading arms.

product range

  • Marine Loading Arms
  • Special Made Loading Arms
  • Accessories, Couplers, Valves


Ebara Internatioal Corporation(USA)

Ebara International Corporation manufacturer of cryogenic pumps for service in LNG, Petrochemical industry and shipping market

product range

  • Transfer Pump, Loading Pumps
  • Cryoturbines

Ebara Corporation(JAPAN)

World largest manufacturer of large water and API range of pumps for the petrochemical industry.

product range

  • Large Sea Water Cooling Pumps
  • API Pumps

GE Sensing (Ireland)

GE Sensing supplies Measurement and control products  that deliver productivity, quality and safety.

product range

  • Panametrics - Flow Meters
  • Panametrics - Moisture & Oxygen Analysers
  • Druck – Pressure Calibrators  &  Transmitters
  • RHEONIK – Coriolis Mass Flow meters


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