Welcome to MEBD

Our Story

MEBD started in 1992 when a group of Qatari nationals with pioneering zeal and spirit having a visionary approach formed what was to become Qatar’s leading organization, to provide comprehensive Local Agency Services, Business Development and Sponsorship Support to clients.

We offer our services to both national and international clients through our diversified portfolio in sectors like Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power & Water and other associated industries. We engineer high-quality solutions that are benchmark driven, providing unmatched operational flexibility and quick responses to your business situations.

Our experience and association with varied internationally recognised contractors, equipment manufacturers, service providers etc; showcases flawless testimonies for the proficiency and diligence we put into our business operations.


"Excelling as Preferred Channel Partner by Delivering Highest Value in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Water Industry "

Always journeying to Excel, to be the world’s preferred Channel Partner in Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical, Power and Water Industry by delivering the highest quality, along with state-of-the-art-technology and by ensuring virtuous values.


Adopting Industry Quality Benchmarks along with Market Intelligence

Continuously adopting standard market benchmarks with updated Market Intelligence.

Offer and Promise Progress

Mutually Sustainable Advancement.

Deliver Development

Ensuring the Delivery of Extra Mileage is our Quality Assurance.

Liaising Disciplined Business Relationship

Clarity in Details, Timely effort, Optimization of Quality is the experience we would share.

Core Values

Virtuous Values.

By highest of moral Values.


Optimization on all fronts.

Team Work

Works as one grid for common quality delivery.


Optimization of our Quality along ownership in engagements

Engaging for Value

We share value with our engagements with highest standards


Always Going beyond benefits for values

What We Do

MEBD as the leading channel partner in Oil & Gas, PetroChemical, Power and Water industries, liaises as AGENCY, does PROJECT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, CORPORATE SERVICES and SPONSORSHIP SERVICES.