MEBD commenced with its activities in 1992 as Qatari owned company, to be today’s leading organisation to provide comprehensive Local Agency Services, Project Business Development, Corporate Services and Sponsorship.


MEBD represents a number of global blue-chip Principals. We provide value-added services in relation to vendor registration, purchasing & preparation of Tenders. MEBD acts as the focal point between the Client / End Users and Principal. MEBD also provides local project information, opportunity, analysis and access to the marketplace. We assist in developing strategies, planning new tenders, contract execution and after-sales support.


MEBD provides support at both local and international EPIC levels, offering access to the Qatar-network, providing market intelligence and by fostering a trusted relationship with our Industry Partners as part of Business Development offers. As a compliant and transparent organisation, we pursue our Principals' needs in the most effective manner using our customer base.


MEBD helps our customers, with respect to managing and operating the business in Qatar, to get enhanced access with a better understanding of the market by reducing operating costs.


MEBD offers supports to companies who require legal compliance with the regulations of the State of Qatar, by providing sponsorship assistance in business formation, registration, immigration and other related supports.